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‘Rura’ a brilliant finale to our Easter programme

Thank you, Sean Purser for the photos. The five piece band ‘Rura’ played to a totally packed out An Talla Mòr at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig on Thursday 16 April. Everyone from the older generation sitting down, to the mosh-pit of SMO students rammying at the back. Thank you all, you wonderful audience, for coming. Thankyou ‘Rura’ for making it such a great final night of SEALL’s programme of 13 events over 19 days of the Easter holidays. We did not envy ‘Rura’ setting off at 5 am next morning for their next gig in Stornoway. We were delighted to have Sean Purser with us taking photos, more of which are on SEALL’s Facebook.

Woodend Barn theatre – an inspiration!

Duncan from SEALL recently visited Woodend Barn in Banchory, as part of SEALL’s new Development Project, funded by Creative Scotland. He met with Lorraine Grant and Mark Hope from this wonderful theatre and events space and had a look around the facility – basically a theatre with allotments! Go there. Duncan also met Emyr Bell of NEAT, which is the North East sister organisation of the Highland’s Touring Network. SEALL is not planning to build a theatre (yet!) but are looking at how best it can develop. Watch this space.

Thank you – our fantastic audiences

We thought you might like to know how SEALL has been getting on recently: 959 tickets in one month, in 11 events of which 6 were sold out or very full. THANK YOU, our audiences are VERY SUPPORTIVE and make it all worth while. We know that when you are not there, it is not your fault – we just have not done enough to pursuade you!

Here are the details :-

18 March – ‘Sequamur’ Gaelic Theatre – 73

19 March – ‘Cuairt 2015’ SMO Music students – 60

28 March – Skye and Lochalsh Orchestra – 74

31 March – ‘Jabberwocky’ Family Theatre – 97

31 March – Christine Primrose and Friends – 89

1 April – ‘The Straw Chair’ Theatre – 108

7 April – Mairearad Green and Anna Massie – 135

8 April – ‘Little Frankenstein’ Family theatre – 88

10 April – Welsh Opera Students – 83

12 April – Tea-time Cape Breton concert – 32

16 April – ‘Rura’ – 120

Total = 959