Archives for February 2016

SEALL at Showcase Scotland

SEALL’s Duncan MacInnes spent five days over the last weekend of January at the brilliant Showcase Scotland. This is part of Celtic Connections where over 190 festival and event delegates gather to hear some great music and talk to each other. He saw over 35 bands in 14 venues in 5 days; spoke with 80 of the 190 international delegates and carried back 25 CDs. He is resting.

Dancing the Cape Breton Way

SEALL’s opening concert of our 25th year was a full house January concert with the Hon Rodney Macdonald of Cape Breton (how often do we get ex-Premiers on our stage?). At one point he invited Kyleakin’s own hot-footing John Sikorski to come up for some steps. John declined on the grounds that he did not have his dancing shoes with him. Rodney promptly solved that the Cape Breton way, by taking off his own shoes and passing them to John. No excuses!