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Rab Noakes, tea and cakes

SEALl held its first tea and cakes concert of the year, when Rab Noakes came and sang for us on a Sunday afternoon. A good load of folk turned up and the SEALL catering team produced a vast array of quality cakes. Various visitors called in, who could not believe their luck in finding a Rab Noakes concert, and some locals said they really enjoyed coming out in the daytime. Look out for more tea and cake events.

Keep saying good things in our Comments Book!

SEALL does not like event questionnaires! Instead we have a Comments Book and you keep writing good things – thankyou. After the recent RedNote Ensemble concert you said “in praise of last night’s Red Note Ensemble treat you laid out for Sleat. What made this particularly memorable, aside from the obvious musical virtuosity, was that despite the use of gizmos and affects on the whistle, this was treated as an instrument in its own right and the others resisted the urge that many exhibit to also amplify their instruments. This was a brilliant, brilliant show and I only hope that the ensemble get the support and recognition in the future that allows them to continue.”

Vote for the Wee Skye Theatre Project

SEALL is working with Play Pieces to bring the Wee Skye Theatre to Skye on Saturday 22 September. This will follow up the great event last year around Inverness. The will be a series of small theatre events around Skye, finishing with an evening of events in Sleat. This is run by the wonderful Lindsay Brown, of Play Pieces, from Achiltibuie, and she needs your support. Please vote for her and the Wee Skye Theatre Festival :

SEALL’s Young Promoters

SEALL has recently joined the ‘Get In’ project organised by the Touring Network and funded through Creative Scotland, to encourage young promoters to get involved across the region. SEALL already has two young volunteers. In early April Fionn MacKee of Sleat joined 8 other young promoters on a training weekend in Oban and Coll. Duncan MacInnes of SEALL is one of the mentors and joined the party. Here Fionn and the ‘Get In’ party have a final session on the ferry back from Coll.

NEW April – June Programme out now

SEALL’s programme of events from April to June, 2016 has been published. You can look at it and download it HERE.

Donald Livingstone’s song on new Whisky Blog

Donald Livingstone is playing with us on Tuesday 5 April as part of Mairearad Green’s concert. He is playing on this short video about Skye Whiskies with a chat from Hamish Fraser of the new distillery in Sleat.