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Skye Festival / Fèis an Eilein 4 July-25 August

The 26th Fèis an Eilein, Skye Festival, takes place between 4 July and 25 August 2017.

Taking place at venues across the Isle of Skye over two months in the summer, Fèis an Eilein is a celebration of island culture and performing arts with a strong focus on Scottish traditional music. Click HERE to go to the Fèis an Eilein page and some of the events we are programming

40 people at our AGM – must be doing something right!

The SEALL Board was delighted to welcome 40 folk at the AGM on Monday 17 January. This was followed by some healthy and lively conversation and ideas, particularly about The Skye Festival from 4 July to 25 August. We said goodbye to Frances Macdonald and Chris Pendlebury and welcomed Robert Spode on the Board. The accounts revealed SEALL to be in a healthy state and the colourful Annual Events summary showed what a remarkable year 2016 had been for SEALL in celebrating 25 years of promotion.