Club Film

Club film is a separate community organisation from SEALL but we work very closely together. So arrangements for events are a bit different:-

  • SEALL Membership and Season Tickets do not cover events listed as Club Film.
  • There is usually no need to book ahead, unless the marketing specifically suggests you do so.
  • Tickets are for sale at the door, usually at a flat rate of £5 for adults, £3 for students and young people

With Club Film you can experience the cream of current international films on the big screen (and we mean big – 6 metres wide), through either our cinema quality digital projector, or our 35 mm projection system, with Dolby Sound-surround. It is quite common for Club Film events to include a Q and A session with the film’s Director or Producer.

Events so far for 2015

3 October 2015 ~ ‘Salt for Svanetia’ with live music from Moishe’s Bagel – a full SEALL event ~ more details HERE

30 October 2015 ~ ‘The Invisible Life’ – more details HERE


Club Film was established in late 1999 and has now screened over 200 films. For marketing Club film has been brought into the SEALL fold.

British Federation of Film Societies National Awards
Best Film Club Programme of the Year 2003
Runner Up, Best Film Programme of the Year 2004
Runner Up, Best Film Programme of the Year 2005