‘Arctic’- 9 Dec

Saturday 09 December 2017
7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Disathairne, 9 An Dùbhlachd 7.30f

Please note change of date from our printed programme

Arctic Poetry, film and music from the Sami and Inuit cultures

With a population of four to five million people, the Arctic is home to 40 different ethnic groups and languages living in 50 different ecological areas, all of which have adapted in ingenious ways to this unique environment. Traditional Arctic cultures, languages and lifestyles that still exist today depend massively on their natural environment, making them particularly vulnerable to the current challenges presented by climate change.

Highlight Arctic will present an ‘Arctic’ evening of contemporary poetry, film and music.

The cabaret-style event, compared by award-winning Edinburgh-based poet Ryan Van Winkle, will include performances by Sámi poet/writer/musician Niillas Holmberg, Inuit poet and performance artist Jessie Kleemann, Sámi rapper and activist Ailu Valle, as well as a programme of short films from the High North.

The film programme will include: the works of Jenny Gilbertson who produced films in Scotland in the 1930s and in Arctic Canada in the 1970s; short films that question the governance of natural resources in Northern Norway and the High North; and LGBTI short films relating to the Arctic.

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Adults £14, Members £12, Students and Young People £7, Seasons Free

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An Crùbh, Duisdale

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