The Travelling Gallery – Displaced | 15 June

Saturday 15 June 2019
10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Tea and coffee availalbe in An Gasta Restaurant next door.
Displaced explores how artists are responding to global migration and the refugee crisis now. With ongoing international conflicts and the continued displacement of human beings, artists are asking us to question how we view, understand, and represent refugees and migrants. Can artists give an ethical voice to those who don’t have one?

Displaced is an international exhibition which focuses on crisis abroad but also shines a light on Europe and our own country; charting journeys and often using transport, architecture, and landscape alongside human experience.

Each of the artists in Displaced began their projects by placing themselves next to and amongst those who have left their home. They have listened to their stories and worked alongside aid organisations to understand and represent their struggle, beyond victimhood.

Force (someone) to leave their home, typically because of war, persecution, or natural disaster.
Halil Altindere | Brendan Bannon | Broomberg and Chanarin | Elizabeth Kwant | Alberta Whittle



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