Do we need to book tickets in advance ?

Not always! But it does help us plan ahead for the best enjoyment for all. There is a very good chance that there will be spare tickets on sale at the door. We will always do our very best to get you in.
However on busy events in the summer we cannot guarantee that and you do not want to travel a distance and be disappointed.

 Do I pay in advance ?

No! At the moment when you ring or email you will get a reply confirming your booking. But we do not ask for money until you arrive. We trust you to make an effort to come.
We will soon start  online booking and payment, but we have a local audience who are used to making reservations only and we do not want to upset that system.

 Can I pay by card ?

Sorry, no. SEALL does not have credit card access, so please bring cash (also for the bar and raffle!). There is a cash machine in the foyer of Sabhal Mòr Ostaig and cash facilities in nearby Armadale Post Office during the day.

 What is the best way to book at the last minute ?

Ring us on 01471 844207.
After about 4pm we are probably away from the phone and emails setting up the venues, so you might not get a reply. Chance it and come (unless, of course, we have left a message saying it is sold out!).

 Are the seats reserved ?

No, sit anywhere. But if you are a large party we suggest arriving early so you can sit together on busy nights.

 Can we bring our children ?

Yes, we actively encourage families, which is why we have no charge for under 10 year olds. There are no age limits even when there is a bar. We leave it up to you to decide if, say, a piece of theatre is suitable and we state guidelines in the listings.
There will be some events, theatre or late night events, that will have a lower age limit.

 I have reserved a ticket but now cannot come – do I have to pay ?

No. Please make an effort to let us know, but we understand that sometimes you just cannot make it at the last minute. We will just pass on your ticket to the next person at the door.

 How soon can I book ?

As soon as it is in the listings, you can book.

 Do you have OAP concession tickets ?

No. Our aim is to keep ticket prices low so that all adults get in at a reasonable rate. For regulars we offer the opportunity for Membership or a Season Tickets, which offer remarkable value for money.

 Are the performers professional or local amateurs ?

Our events include top-rated touring musicians and theatre companies. They may be touring to rural venues but the quality is equal to any major city venue. Of course, we also support local performers and you will be surprised at the high quality of our local talent.

 I have an access problem – can you help ?

Yes! All our venues have good access. We are also human, so if you arrive with something we can help with, we will help – just ask at the door.

 Are the venues easy to find ?

Our venues might appear to be in the middle of nowhere, but they are on the main roads and we do our best to make the events obvious by using road-side A-frames. Sat-navs are pretty good – but use a map or your good sense rather than technology. In particular beware of sat-navs giving you directions to ferries that do not run all night, if you are coming from far away.

 I see that some events are in the Gaelic College – does that mean it will all be in Gaelic?

Many events, such as music concerts particularly in the summer are introduced bilingually. If Theatre or Literature events are all or mostly in Gaelic that will be clear in the listings. We hope that you have the chance to hear (and speak) Gaelic, but please do not expect it at every event. Not all our volunteers, even locally born ones, have Gaelic!

 Can I stay nearby and find a meal ?

There are a variety of B and Bs, hostels, hotels and self-catering cottages in Sleat. You can also get a pre-event meal in local hotels and cafes. Go and click on the bottom of our homepage for offers or click on the Visit Sleat logo below.