Skye Festival 2018 – Fèis an Eilein

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The 27th Fèis an Eilein, Skye Festival, takes place between 3 July and 21 August 2018.

Taking place in venues mostly in the Sleat peninsula at the southern end of  the Island, the Skye Festival or ‘Fèis an Eilein’ is a celebration of island culture and performing arts with a strong focus on Scottish traditional music, all spiced up with Jazz, Theatre, and lots, lots more.

Organised by SEALL, the festival hosts around 30 top quality events in music and innovative theatre, with a community-led fringe programme of house concerts, charity cafés, environmental days, food and drink, art exhibitions and ceilidhs.

To give you taster here are just some of the events planned. full details will be posted by end of April.

July 2018 Programme
3  Skye Festival Opening Family Cèilidh
7 Circus Alba
10  Fergie Macadonald and friends
11 The Moira Monologues
12 Late night Cèilidh dance
13 Inner Sound Gilbert and Sullivan
16 Jazz Film
17 Alistair McCulloch fiddle trio
19 National Youth Jazz Orchestra of Scotland
21 Skip Gorman and Margaret Bennett
27 Alasdair Fraser Mammoth Fiddle Night
31 Mary Ann Kenneday ‘An Dàn’
1 Skye Piping Society and Piping School
5 Literary Sunday #1
7 Mairead Stewart, Ingrid Henderson
12 Literary Sunday #2
14  Charlie McKerron
17 Saltfish Forty
19 Literary Sunday #3
21 Adam Sutherland and Anzo Lorenzo
28 Scottish Ensemble clarinet quintet
+ Cèilidhs, Cafés, Exhibitions, and lots more.
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Festival Awards

  • ‘SEALL at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig’ was Venue of the Year at the Scots Trad Music Awards 2015
  • Highland Community Initiative of the Year 2014

25 years of Festival history

Fèis an Eilein or the Skye Festival was created by SEALL in 1991 as a joint venture with the Short courses at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig, who needed a marquee for two weeks of classes. It seemed suitable for SEALL to create an evening programme of events to use that space and thus the Festival was born.

The festival developed over the next several years in the new buildings at SMO and other venues in Sleat and continued in its two week format for 19 years until 2009. In 2007 it was voted the Best Community Event of the Year of Highland Culture. In those years the programme included around 90 events in two weeks including providing a stage for young performers from the area and a range of visiting touring musicians and companies, including many of the best known traditional bands, world music, jazz, theatre events and orchestras. It provided employment and an opportunity for many young people to get involved in its running.

In 2010 we took a rest and for the next 4 years the Festival was low key: the name used for a set of summer concerts.

In 2014 the Festival was resurrected, this time as for two months!