Getting to the Skye Festival

There are several ways to get to the Skye Festival in south Skye. The free Skye Bridge is the obvious way but many of you will choose to come by the scenic route over the sea from Mallaig to Skye. You may have read that there has been a certain amount of chaos on this route this summer, after Calmac decided to take away our special ferry and replace it with boats that are proving totally inadequate. One is so small if cannot land at very low tides and the other is so large that it cannot enter Mallaig in the slightest bit of wind!

It is essential that you book, and then keep checking and confirming. There are two sets of timetables – one for days with low tides. You can find them on and

If you have any difficulty with the Calmac ferry service, do let us know. We can’t give you any daily advice on the current state of the service – go to for that – but we can offer general help to make sure you get to the Festival.