Photos from the Festival so far!

‘The sell-out Gondoliers’ –     Two weeks into the Skye Festival and we have had some amazing events and brilliant audiences. Here are just a few of the views, nearly all supplied by Rob Ware – thank you so much.


  Circus 2 Circus 24 Made in Sleat0048 500Dwayne Cote0081 Feis 7July0043  Gond 2 Gond 3 Gond 4 Gond 5  NYJOS FEIS 0016 NYJOS FEIS 0055 NYJOS FEIS 0061 NYJOS FEIS 0068

Feis 7July0254Gond 6

Feis 7July0025

 IMG_0028  IMG_0041

Feis 7July0151Gond 1